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We are the sole distributors of Flex Boots in Australia and New Zealand, and the Australian retailer of Hidalgo saddles. Our service is second to none, thanks to years of practical experience and commitment to provide the best possible service to all our customers.


Flex Boots are the BEST hoof boots in the world! They’re made to protect the hoof and to move with the horse without restriction or rubbing; a barefoot boot that is meticulously designed to suit the performance trimmed bare hoof. I love that they are made in Finland and manufactured with environmentally conscious methods. In short, they are classy and comfortable!



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Hidalgo Saddles Australia MKS Equine_edi


Leather tree saddles are the ideal solution for owners who want to offer the very best for their horse or pony. Hidalgo leather tree saddles provide great wither clearance and superior comfort for the horse and rider. Suitable for all shapes and sizes of horses, there are several different models available in English, Spanish and Western styles.


MKS  Equine

So how did Flex Boots end up here in Australia and New Zealand? A few years ago I saw people asking questions about Flex Boots online. I hadn’t heard of them, so I looked them up and did some research, and discovered that they were definitely a quality product that we needed here. The boot fills a huge gap in the market for comfort for the horse, ease of use and customisation. I contacted Satu and Jiri from Flex Boots, and was so happy to learn that they are wonderful people to deal with; they really care about their product, brand and their customers. It was meant to be!

From there it all went very quickly, and today MKS Equine is the sole distributor of Flex Boots in Australia and New Zealand. We pride ourselves in promotion of good barefoot practices by offering this high-quality product to customers all across the two countries, along with top quality professional advice about fitting, using and maintaining the boots in the best possible way. We are always only an email away, ready to help our customers with questions before or after their hoof boot purchase. And we are honest – if we think Flex Boots are not suitable for your horse for any reason, we will tell you that. We never force-sell our products!

Hidalgo Saddles became part of our offering in a somewhat similar way. Always keen to offer the best tack and products for my own horses, I’m of the opinion that they are another horse friendly product, and many vets, professionals and our customers agree. I know that these saddles are the perfect solution between a traditional treed saddles, and completely treeless saddles. 


I'm the owners of MKS Equine - Flex Boots and Hidalgo Saddles Australia. Just like Flex Boots, my origins are also in Finland. I’ve been living in Australia for more than 20 years, and been a hoof trimmer and boot fitter for well over a decade.


Running a business where I get to help horses and their owners is a dream come true for me. I'm fortunate to retail and promote these two incredible brands and their products. If you would like to have more information either about Flex Boots or Hidalgo Saddles, I'm only an email away!

Minna Sarkkinen MKS Equine Australia



Flex Boots are designed and manufactured in Finland, following extremely high standards and with consideration for the environment.

Each Hidalgo Saddle is skillfully crafted by hand to our customers' specification.

We are proud to offer such a high quality product to our customers, and stand behind the quality of our products.


We have over ten years of professional experience in hoof trimming and boot fitting, and we work closely with a highly experienced vet who carries out professional saddle fitting for our customers.

We impart our knowledge to our customers and help them select and use our products correctly, so you can feel confident purchasing from us.


We provide a first class customer service. From pre-purchase advice, to quick delivery and flexible returns policy, we always aim to keep all our customers happy.

We want you and your horse to succeed. Please talk to us and keep in touch, we’re here to help.


For us, the horse's comfort always comes first and we will do everything we can to help you achieve this.

If for any reason we feel that our products are not suitable for your horse, we will tell you and explain why this is the case. We will never force sell our products to anyone.

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