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Colour options


Mattes Saddle pads Australia.png

Mattes are known for their lavish colour options. With so many to choose from, for all the different parts of the products, you can create your dream saddle accessory with ease! Browse the different options below.


Cotton quilt is an option for the top material on Mattes saddle pads, and also the material used on long and short quilt girths. The slim line girths are only available in leather, and both girth styles have detachable sheepskin fleece lining.

Cotton quilt is sewn in an attractive honeycomb pattern that holds the different layers securely in place, making the products hardwearing and long-lasting.

Mattes cotton colours 5 copy.png
Mattes cotton colours 3 copy.png
Mattes cotton colours 4 copy.png
Mattes cotton colours 2 copy.png


Sheen is another option for the top material on Mattes saddle pads, and there are multiple colour options in this material.

Sheen material has a slightly larger quilting pattern, in a unique honeycomb pattern. It is more fade resistant than cotton.

Sheen quilt patter Mattes saddle pad.png
Mattes sheen colours 5 copy.png
Mattes sheen colours 3 copy.png
Mattes sheen colours 4 copy.png
Mattes Sheen colours 1 copy.png
Mattes sheen colours 2 copy.png


Velvet is the third top material option for the Mattes saddle pads. It is incredibly hardwearing and has a luxurious feel to it.

Velvet material has the same quilt pattern as the sheen material. It's a slightly larger, unique honeycomb pattern.

Mattes pad shapes iii copy.png
Mattes velvet colours MKS Equine Australia.png


Sheepskin fleece is an optional addition on the underside and edges of Mattes saddle pads, and it's also used as a liner on the girths. Mattes sheepskin is sourced from Australia and is a high quality, luxurious material that offers unbeatable comfort for your horse.

Please note that bright lambskin dye could bleed on bright materials or horse's hair.

Mattes Fleece colours sheepskin saddle pad.png
EA Mattes sheepskin fleece colours Australia.png
EA Mattes sheepskin colours Hidalgo Saddles Australia.png
MKS Equine Australia Mattes sheepskin fleece colours.png
Mattes sheepskin colours MKS Equine Australia.png


Binding is the strip of material that ges around the saddle pad, right at the edge. There are a large number of binding colours to choose from!

Mattes bindings square ii copy.png
Mattes binding Black Royal Navy Dunkelgrau Grey Graphite Blue PNG.png
Mattes binding Beige Sand Terra Orange Gold Yellow Curry Maigrun Apple Green copy.png
Mattes binding brown taupe titan nougat khaki olive schlamm walnuss beige sand copy.png
Mattes bindings ii copy.png
Mattes binding colours Australia.png
Mattes binding  colour options MKS Equine Australiapng


Mattes saddle pads can have up to three rows of piping around the edge of the pad. All piping is made with gorgeous twisted piping cord that has a beautiful satin sheen to it.

Mattes piping colours Australia.png
Mattes piping colours 2 MKS Equine Australia.png.png
Mattes piping colours 3 MKS Equine Australia.png.png
Mattes piping colours 4 MKS Equine Australia.png.png
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