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The trial period is 7 calendar days and begins from the date the saddle is received by the customer. The saddle and any accessories need to be posted back on the 8th day from receipt unless otherwise agreed. Proof of postage and the tracking number should be emailed to:


If you need more time, please reach out and we will discuss on a case-by-case basis.


The full price of the saddle (security deposit), the trial fee and any accessories included is payable prior to the saddle being posted.


Postage fees are payable in addition to the security deposit and are payable by the customer to receive a saddle and to send it back.


We highly recommend insurance and sending the saddle back via registered post - if it goes missing in the mail, the security deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


The trial hire fee is $150. It is waived in full if a saddle is purchased at the time the trial saddle is returned. If no saddle is purchased, the security deposit minus the demo fee and any postage fees and credit card payment fees is refunded upon return of the items provided the following is adhered to:


  1. Saddle, pad and any accessories are clean and hair free.

  2. The items are free of damage and free of excessive wear beyond “normal wear”. Acceptable “normal wear” is determined solely by us and all items are assessed when they are returned to us.


  • Please wear plain riding tights/breeches with no silicon on the seat/knee and no decorations on the back pockets when testing a saddle.

  • If the saddle / pad / accessories require cleaning, the fee is $30 minimum or higher depending on the amount and type of cleaning required. Cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit refund.

  • If the saddle / pad / accessories show excessive wear or any damage (scratches, dents, stains, tears etc), a restocking fee will be deducted from the security deposit refund. The amount of the restocking fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the type and severity of the damage.

  • Please make sure the buckles of stirrup leathers are placed down by the stirrup, not under the rider's thigh. The easiest and best stirrup leathers are mono stirrup leathers/webbers. They have a loop at the top that is easy to slip on over the stirrup bar, they have no buckles, and the leather is a single piece, so they are not bulky. We can supply them with your trial saddle if necessary.

  • If the trial saddle is a dressage model, please run the stirrup leathers under the flap to avoid marking the outer flap.

  • When sending the saddle/accessories back, please use the same packaging and box that they came in.

  • Do not store the saddle on a saddle rack where a bar sits under the panels- they will become dented. • Please transport the saddle in its box and packaging when in the car – saddles get scratched in the car easily and the customer is liable for the damage regardless of if they noticed it or not.

  • Please use the pad and shim combination recommended: either a Grandeur full pad, Grandeur half pad or The Pocket Pad.

  • When adjusting the panels, ensure the saddle is padded under the pommel and cantle to avoid scratches.

We will help with setting the saddle up so please reach out once it arrives! Email:


Postal address: MKS Equine, PO Box 1050, Pheasant Creek, VIC 3757

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