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Custom Flex Boots

Fed up with hoof boots that don't fit? Flex Boots are a solution!
All sized parts of our boots can be swapped for a different size component, resulting in boots that are custom fitted to your horse's hooves. And boots that are the right size for your horse will be comfortable for them to wear. Not forgetting that correctly fitted boots last longer and help you make the most of them.

See how we determine customisation needs for Freddie, who has different size heel bulbs.


Know what your horse needs

Most horses will fit into standard Flex Boots. There are two height adjustments available with the back strap depending on heel bulb conformation, and there’s plenty of adjustment with the back strap closures as well as the pastern strap closure.


Still, occasionally there is a horse whose anatomy requires something different. For example, some horses with odd heel bulbs due to injuries have gone very well in Flex Boots - some in standard size boots, others in custom-built Flex Boots.

Flex boots can be built with different sized components. You can literally swap any sized part to a different size.


One common instance is if a horse’s bulbs don’t fill the TPU gaiter enough, and there is a bulge at the back - even after trying the lower back strap setting and possibly a pad in the boot.



Or the opposite might happen; for a horse with very large and fleshy bulbs, a larger TPU gaiter can be attached.




If the horse has unusually thin or thick legs, the back straps and neoprene gaiters can be changed to a smaller or larger size accordingly.

Click on images to see examples of how customisation can improve the fit of the hoof boot.

Flex boots fitting guide custom boots bi
Flex boots fitting guide custom boots sm
Flex boots fitting guide custom boots co


Which parts can you swap over

With standard Flex Boots, you select the boots by the hoof measurements, and the boots come with standard size TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and back straps. These are the size that fit most horses.

But if necessary, the TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and back straps can all be changed to larger or smaller sizes, depending on what is best for your horse.


The TPU gaiter bulges at the back, even when the back strap is on the lower setting.

Smaller TPU gaiter will help


Many issues can be solved by a trim, but if you have purchased boots and are not sure of whether they fit your horse, please send us good clear photos of the hooves with and without boots on so we can ascertain if your horse requires a custom product. Note that custom boots are charged at a slightly higher rate due to being assembled individually to your horse’s needs.

We are happy to help with these adjustments via photos emailed to since every horse is different.

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