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What is a leather tree saddle?


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Unlike traditional rigid treed saddles or completely treeless saddles, the Hidalgo leather tree saddle strikes a balance between the two. Its core is crafted from layers of rawhide, creating a remarkably sturdy yet flexible foundation. Rawhide, in its untanned state, becomes firm and maintains its shape as it dries. It therefore combines the advantages of structure and flexibility. The saddle's tree can move in all directions without collapsing, seamlessly adapting to the shape and movement of the horse's back.

The Flexibility of the leather tree allows the saddle to adapt to the horse's back continuously, and makes it possible to fit the same saddle to several horses at the same time.

No rigid gullet plate


One notable feature of Hidalgo leather tree saddles is the absence of a rigid gullet plate. This design allows the front of the saddle to adjust to the horse's withers and shoulders. To ensure the gullet keeps its shape and for even weight distribution, these saddles incorporate a scientifically tested metal support element which is attached to the stirrup bars.

Hidalgo Sanlucar Spezial spanish leather tree saddle black with cognac tooling front obliq

With time and use, the saddle gradually moulds itself to the horse's back and withers, typically within about 20-30 hours of riding. Importantly, it continues to adapt even as the horse's shape changes, which it often does.


For most horses, the standard Hidalgo leather tree is suitable. However, for extremely wide horses, a specialised "shire tree" option is available.

Leather tree support and flexibility

If you're caught between the choice of a conventional treed saddle and a treeless saddle, the Hidalgo leather tree saddle could be the perfect solution you've been searching for. In this video, we'll demonstrate the substantial wither clearance and freedom of movement provided by Hidalgo saddles. This saddle is an excellent choice for any horse, including those who need a saddle suitable for high withers.

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