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Credit card processing fees (1.7% +30c per transaction) are not refundable.


All orders are to be paid in full prior to manufacturing or shipping.

If you have used a trial saddle, you can purchase it by letting us know that you would like to keep it. Please note there are no returns or refunds on trial saddles purchased, either after trialling the saddle or when purchased directly from the online store as an "ex-demo" item.


Please note that shipping times are an estimate, and we cannot guarantee delivery within a specified amount of time. Refunds will not be granted due to shipping delays.


Saddles that are in the “In-Stock” section of our website are available for immediate delivery, provided they are not a trial saddle and currently out with a customer. The customer is responsible for all postage costs.


If you would like to order a saddle that is not currently in stock in Australia, the production and shipping time to MKS Equine in Australia can be up to approx. 16 weeks. We want you to have your new saddle as soon as possible, and many saddles come much sooner than this but at times there are unforeseen delays with production and shipping which we have no control over. In the event of production/shipping delays, your patience is kindly appreciated.



If an order is cancelled and production of the items has already started, the cancellation fee is 50%.


Custom saddle orders are final and not eligible for cancellation after production has started.



In the event that the saddle does not fit the horse or rider, we offer a full refund less $150+GST administrative/handling fee, postage charges and credit card fees for any in-stock saddle returned in AS-NEW condition within 7 calendar days of receipt. No returns are accepted after 7 days.


Any saddle pads or fleece girths which have been used are not eligible for a refund.


Webbers with marks from the T-bar on them are not eligible for a refund.


The 7-day return policy applies only to in-stock saddles purchased directly from Hidalgo Saddles Australia. If you have purchased your saddle from another agent, you will need to check their policies.


“AS-NEW condition” means there are no signs of use, wear, or any damage on the product. It is completely clean and free of hair or any dirt and in its original packaging. If there is any dirt or hair, scratches, marks, dents or other damage to the saddle, a full refund cannot be provided. A deduction from the refund is made according to the assessment by Hidalgo Saddles Australia upon return of the saddle. We cannot make assessments from photographs or videos.


In the event the saddle has a manufacturing fault, there is no admin/handling fee applicable if the saddle is returned and Hidalgo Saddles Australia will pay for the return of the saddle. Workmanship on Hidalgo saddles is warranted for a period of 12 months.


The fit of the saddle is determined via our “INITIAL FITTING” service, see below


In order for the 7-day return policy to apply, you agree to notify us when you have received your saddle. You also agree to book an INITIAL FITTING to take place. You agree to make the booking within the first 3 days of receiving the saddle so that we can determine if the saddle fits before the 7-day return period is over.


After the initial fitting, you may ride gently, a couple of times for a short period of time in a controlled area to test the saddle. Do not go for a trail ride. There must be no signs of use or wear on the product to be eligible for a return and refund.


We do not provide refunds for change of mind, or due to lameness or illness of the horse.


You agree to use either the complimentary service of Hidalgo Saddles Australia for the initial fitting, or you may book a professional fitting either in-person or remotely by contacting us for our recommended saddle fitter’s details. Professional fitting is an independent service and attracts a saddle fitting fee.


We will not accept returns if an initial fitting was not done, OR a third party other than one of our recommended saddle fitters determines the saddle doesn’t fit. This is not a treed saddle and has different fitting requirements.


If you do not book your initial fitting in the first 3 days after receiving your saddle, it is deemed that you are capable of fitting it on your own and satisfied with the fit, and the 7-day return policy does not apply.


You must book the initial fitting, complete the test rides, and let us know before the 7-day period is over if you do not want to keep the saddle. Returns after 7 days are not accepted under any circumstance, unless there is a quality/warranty issue.



Standard saddles ordered to be made, and custom saddle orders are not eligible for return unless there is a manufacturing fault and Hidalgo Saddles Australia decides to replace the product.


We highly recommend using our test saddle service first before ordering a saddle to be made, to ascertain that a Hidalgo leather tree saddle suits both you and your horse. We want you both to be happy and comfortable!


If you have concerns about your new saddle, you must communicate your concerns with Hidalgo Saddles Australia immediately and no later than 7 days after receiving the saddle. Do NOT begin to ride or continue to ride in the saddle if you feel it has a fault. If you begin or continue to use the product, it will be deemed that you accept the problem and do not require assistance with it.


Hidalgo Saddles are covered by a 12-month manufacturing warranty from the date stated on the Saddle Pass.


We make every effort to deliver products that are fit for use and free of defects. However, if we do miss something:


  • If the saddle has a fault, you must notify us within 7 days of receiving the saddle and you must NOT ride in it.

  • Hidalgo Saddles Australia will endeavour to rectify any problems in a timely manner. Hidalgo Saddles Australia reserves the right, at its own discretion, to correct the problem including but not limited to; initial fit, repair material defects, or replace the saddle. All repairs must be carried out by Hidalgo Saddles Australia.

  • If the saddle has substantial material defects which cannot be reasonably repaired, you may return the saddle for a full refund within 7 days of receipt. In this case Hidalgo Saddles Australia will pay for the saddle to be returned to us.

  • If Hidalgo Saddles Australia has failed to deliver the saddle with the features you ordered, the saddle may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 7 days of receipt. Waiting times may apply for exchange products.

Please note the leather tree saddle is a handmade item and is not a mass-produced goods. Therefore, slight variations may occur in seat size, flap length, pommel/cantle height etc. These variations do not affect the fit or usability of the saddle.


All parts of the saddle are made to flex under the rider’s weight and with the horse, which means that the construction of a leather tree saddle differs from that of a regular treed saddle.


Leather is a natural product and may have marks such as scars, veins, and colour variations. These are not considered defects; they are characteristics of good quality leather products.


Saddles that are being sent back for a refund/exchange are the customer’s responsibility; any damage or wear either from use, storage or transport is subject to a re-stocking fee depending on the type/severity of the problem.


We highly recommend insurance and using registered post when posting a saddle back. If the saddle goes missing in the mail, a refund or exchange will not be granted under any circumstances.



  • Please run the stirrup leathers under the flap, and wrap them in an old sock, gladwrap or similar.

  • Please do not wear tights/joddies/jeans with silicone, or any decorations on the back pockets.

  • Please do not ride more than a couple of times to avoid marking the billet leathers.

  • Do not ride for the duration of a lesson/other long period or go for a trail ride.


We assist with saddle fitting/adjustments for all saddles purchased from us- before and after purchase remotely, free of charge.


If you have booked a saddle fitting to view and test ride in-stock models in person, and your representative is not Hidalgo Saddles Australia, you are a direct customer of the retailer in question. They will have their own fees, charges, and policies in place.


If you have booked a saddle fitting/test ride in-person with Hidalgo Saddles Australia, the fee is $150 plus GST per horse. Discounts for multiple horses owned by the same person can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We travel at our discretion and availability; if the location is remote or further than a reasonable travel distance, additional fees per km may be applicable.


We can also fit and supply Flex Hoof Boots at the same time, let us know in advance and we can bring them along.


For any issues, concerns or to book your initial fitting, please contact us:





Postal address: MKS EQUINE, PO Box 1050, Pheasant Creek, VIC 3757


We hope you love your Hidalgo saddle and are here to assist every step of the way!

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