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Valencia Spezial

SEAT SIZE: 17"-17'5"
PRICE: $5169

Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leahter

Valencia is the classic best-selling Spanish Hidalgo saddle. The Valencia Spezial offers a very comfortable, balanced seat and optimal pressure distribution.

This saddle pure luxury. It's made in top quality German Kilger leather that is soft, thick and sticky. It offers a correct riding position and will replace your dressage saddle in a heartbeat! You can wander the trails for days in ultimate comfort, knowing your horse is feeling the same way too.

You will want to swap your couch for this saddle! 

This saddle will suit horses ranging from wide, to narrow with the highest withers.


A leather tree is supportive yet flexible and will adapt to the horse’s back along its entire length.

The saddle doesn’t collapse on the spine due to the layered rawhide tree construction, and a stirrup bar element which provides support and maintains the gullet.

The detachable panels offer an excellent fit for different conformations and back profiles, or when the horse changes shape. All Hidalgo leather tree saddles become a close-contact custom fit while maintaining the ability to adjust, all you need to do is ride in it!


Colour: Black

Seat size: 17"-17'5"

Panels: Various panel shapes and sizes available, from 36cm long. Panels are individually selected depending on the saddle model and your horse's shape and size, to achieve an ideal, correct fit.

  • Leather tree saddle is the perfect solution between traditional treed and entirely treeless saddles.

  • Competition legal open stirrup bar

  • Detachable knee blocks

  • Detachable panels

  • 3-point V-girthing

  • Long billets

  • Set includes saddle, knee blocks, panels and saddle cover.


Black German Kilger nappa on seat and knee.

Smooth leather flaps.

White stitching.

Silver Spanish fittings.

Image gallery

These are images of the actual saddle in stock. Click on images to enlarge them.

Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leahter
Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leahter tree saddle black side view PNG.png
Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leather tree saddle black front oblique view PNG.png
Hidalgo Valencia Spezial Art edition Spanish leather tree saddle black with red suede V gi
Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leather tree saddle black front view PNG.png
Hidalgo Valencia Spezial spanish leather tree saddle black rear view PNG.png

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