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Flex Boots

Product Range

Flex Boots are durable and comfortable, easy to put on and take off. They are carefully designed with the horse's wellbeing as the top priority. Our hoof boots are unique, and this page tells you everything about our entire product range. Barefoot horses around the world are falling in love with Flex Boots, so why don't you join them!


Mimicking human barefoot shoes

Flex Boots are the first barefoot shoes for horses, like Feelmax and Vibram shoes for people.  


The boots are sold individually and come as a complete set of boots, gaiters and straps. You can also purchase all the components separately if you need to replace any part of the boot. Click on the images below to read more about each Flex Boot component.

Our FAQ page answers most commonly asked questions, and the Flex Boots YouTube channel has several useful instructional videos about how to use the boots. You can see our return & refund policy here.

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Our Product Range

Flex Boots are built with well-designed components, all of which can be changed or replaced if necessary. Click on images below to read about each component, and learn what makes our boots one of the best on the market.


Easy care

There are no tricky cables, or hook & look tape which can wear out quickly. Nor is there any thick fabric that holds water. Flex Boots are easy to clean and ready to use straight away.


You can make Flex Boots unique to you; they are customisable with interchangeable components, and all parts are replaceable.

Easy to Use

Flex Boots are the easiest boot to put on and take off – no hand strength required! Even kids can manage them easily.

Flex Boots are sleek and lightweight with awesome colours to finish the look. You can choose from four back strap colours and several gaiter colours to make your boots suit your taste.

Great design

These are the most comfortable boots on the market; they are soft and flexible all over, including a cushioned sole. And best of all, no rubbing!


The smart design means great drainage, so wherever you ride, water and mud are not a problem when your horse wears Flex Boots.


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