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Correct Size & Fit

Anatomically accurate trim, ideal size boot and correct fitting are all important in ensuring that the hoof boots fit your horse well without any rubbing or discomfort. Correctly fitted boots last longer and help you make the most of them.
Flex boot how to measure hoof.PNG


Key to selecting the correct boot size

The best time to measure your horse's hooves is a day or two after they have been trimmed. We advise you to measure all four feet, as they may differ in size and shape.

When you have done the measurements,  compare them to the size chart below to determine which size boots are best for your horse.

Flex Boot size chart

Measure after a trim

This is when the hooves are at the correct size and shape.


Hooves should be maintenance trimmed weekly, to retain the shape and balance of the hoof.

Flex Boots fit hooves that are within +/- 5mm of the listed width measurements, and not longer than the listed length measurement.


For advice regarding the best boot size for your horse, please contact us.


The right way

Putting the boots on and adjusting them correctly is incredibly important for the comfort of your horse, and the longevity of the boots.

Watch our video to learn what the most common mistakes are, how to avoid them, and how to use your Flex Boots correctly.

Fitting and Adjusting Flex Boots

Once you have chosen the right size boots for your horse, fitting them correctly is important for the comfort of your horse and longevity of the boots.  That's why we have written extensive instructions to help you achieve the best fit for your horse. Click on the images below to read more, or download our printable fitting instructions document.
Flex Boots Australia purple boots pony.p


To read more about about why we emphasise holistic horse care and what part hoof boots play in it all, please visit the Flex Boots main brand page.

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