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Saddle fitting


Guidance about what information we need from you, in order to help you choose the most appropriate saddle for you and your horse.



Please provide the following information so that we can assist you in choosing the best fit and size saddle for you and your horse. Complete information should be emailed to us to

Please make sure you are familiar with our trial saddle instructions, and terms and conditions.


  • Your height

  • Your pant size

  • Current saddle model and size

  • Photo, taken from the side, of you in your current saddle if possible

  • What type and intensity of riding will the saddle be used for (ie. dressage horse 5 days work per week, endurance horse in full training, pleasure horse ridden 1hr per week, etc). This will help us set the correct saddle and pad combination for you.

  • Same details for any other person riding the horse and using the same saddle.


Any additional information you would like us to know about your preferences, such as whether you want and English or Spanish saddle, what colour you prefer, and whether you want a Series II or a Series Spezial saddle, etc.


Please ensure the horse is standing square, on a firm level surface such as concrete or hard packed dirt (not in the grassy paddock or on an incline). We need to see the entire body including the hooves in the side photo.

The head should be up, with the poll at wither height, and the neck straight for all the photos. If you send us incorrectly taken photos, we may need to ask for new ones.


Photos are best taken on an overcast day as the sun will cast shadows which can make it difficult to assess the images.

  • Age, breed, height.

  • Photo from the side of the horse.

  • Photo from above and behind: stand on a crate or chair if necessary and take a picture from above the horse’s rump towards the withers. Keep your safety paramount. Move any mane away from the base of the withers so the shoulders and withers are visible on both sides.

  • Photo from the side of the withers on an angle. Make sure the mane is out of the way.

  • Back measurement: grab a helper to hold the tape measure while you take the photo. Locate the scapula and make a mark 3 fingers’ width behind it (approximately 5cm). Locate the last rib and trace it up to the spine, make a mark there. The last rib curves up and towards the horse’s withers, and normally coincides with the drip line on the flanks when they have been in the rain. Place a soft tape measure along the horse’s back, touching the skin all the way. Do NOT measure a line through the air with a rigid tape measure.


Any additional information you would like us to know about your horse, such as saddle problems, back problems or soundness issues, injuries, etc).

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