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SEAT SIZE: 17" (English)
PRICE: $5230

Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddle 2-tone side view.png

Looking for a comfortable western saddle for both horse and rider? Look no further! The Milwaukee is a beautiful saddle for those who prefer the Western style but want a lightweight and short leather tree saddle.


The seat is super soft, and this saddle gives a nice balanced riding position. The skirts are very flexible and will not cause any pressure on the horse.

The Milwaukee has Hidalgo’s English 3-point V-girthing system, and fenders and stirrups are included with the saddle. Tooling is also available (upcharge applies), please contact us for details.

The forks can be ordered in S, M, L and XL. Standard size is Medium which fits most horses.


This saddle has a leather tree and no rigid gullet plate. It offers excellent shoulder and wither freedom and makes super fine aids possible. The tree is supportive yet flexible and will adapt to the horse’s back along its entire length.


Hidalgo saddles don't collapse on the spine due to the layered rawhide tree construction, and a stirrup bar element which provides support and creates the gullet. The saddle offers a very nice twist and will not sit the rider too wide.


Hidalgo saddles fit horses with high withers, as well as flat backed horses and everything in between. The detachable panels offer an excellent fit for different conformations and back profiles, or when the horse changes shape. The top upper corner of the panels is bevelled to ensure no undue pressure is applied to the trapezius. Panel length is individually chosen according to your saddle model, size and your horse’s back length, and the saddle becomes a close-contact custom fit while maintaining the ability to adjust, all you need to do is ride in it!


Colour: Brown

Seat size: 17" (English)

  • Material options include nappa, waxed leather, suede and smooth leather in many colours.

  • English 3-point V-girthing

  • Long billets

  • Set includes saddle, panels, fenders, stirrups and a saddle cover

  • Panels from 36cm long


Black nappa leather om seat.

Cognac smooth leather on skirts and fenders.

White stitching.

Silver fittings.

Fork: M

Image gallery

These are images of the actual saddle in stock. Click on images to enlarge them.

Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddle 2-tone side view.png
Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddle 2-tone oblique view.png
Hidalgo Milkwaukee leathertree Western saddle 2-tone front view.png
Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddle 2-tone rear view.png
Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddlle 2-tone billets.png
Hidalgo Milwaukee leathertree Western saddle detail.png

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