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These rubber foam shims are precut for Grandeur Dressage pads. They can be used in Grandeur full Dressage pads.


The Grandeur pads and inserts are special because they are nice and deep at the front. This means that when the pad is pulled up into the gullet of the saddle, the shim is still supporting the correct area instead of being pulled up too high. If the bottom edge of the shim sits too high, it can cause a pressure point at the lower edge of the panel and it can also cause pinching higher up on the sides of the withers.


You can choose a 6mm or 12mm thickness for the inserts. They are easy to cut with scissors if only a front or rear shim is needed.


Can be layered in the Grandeur Physio pad if necessary.


Sold as a pair.







Grandeur rubber foam Dressage pad inserts

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