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The Grandeur Physio Spanish half pad is extremely hardwearing and suits a variety of saddles including Hidalgo saddles, and treeless saddles. The pads are suitable for all horses, including high withers and sensitive skin. 


The pad can be used to balance a saddle, or increase spinal clearance.


 Grandeur Physio pads have an air-co strip of mesh along the spine that allows each side of the pad to move indepently and provides airflow. It also has a contoured high wither cut and adhesive material on the top third of the pad to ensure the pad does not slip.


This pad is designed to be used over a plain, regular saddle cloth.


These pads are perfect under Hidalgo saddles!


Inserts sold separately.



Top material: Black-Blue microfibre blend with "revision" quilt pattern.

Shim pockets: Two full length, easy to fill pockets on both sides.

Underside: High quality synthetic fleece base.

Adhesive material on top 1/3 of pad.





Grandeur Spanish Physio half pad

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