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Flex rivets are used to attach the TPU gaiter to the boot at the back. Sometimes, if the horse overreaches and steps on the boot, these rivets may break or get damaged. It’s easy to remove
and replace the rivets though. You can use a drill or nippers to remove a damaged rivet and then replace it with a hammer, below is a link to videos to show you how to do this.

Flex rivets come as part of the standard Flex Boot set when you purchase a boot, or with a spare TPU gaiter if you purchase it separately as a replacement part.

Flex Rivets- packet of 8

$7.50 Regular Price
$6.75Sale Price


  • Shipping is charged depending on the order volume. You are able to view exact shipping charges on checkout before purchasing, but this table gives you an idea of costs:

    If you order these items:

    The shipping

    cost will be:

    Washers and rivets, or

    One pair of gaiters, pads or back straps


    More than one pair of gaiters,

    pads or back straps, or

    One boot, or

    One pair of fitting shells

    One pair of boots      $12.75
    Two pairs of boots      $16.30
    Three pairs of boots      $19.65

    If you are planning on ordering more than three pairs of boots at one time, please contact us for a shipping quote first before placing an order.

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