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Flex Boot


You can purchase Flex Boots directly from our online store in an easy, safe and convenient way. In addition we have some great stockists who are professional barefoot trimmers, so they can advise you in person regarding correct trim, and can fit Flex Boots to your horse using our fit kits. 

Move the map and zoom in to find your nearest Flex Boot stockist in Australia or New Zealand.


We'd love to hear from you!

Flex hoof boots, including a full fit kit, are available for trimmers who would like to become Flex Boot stockists. We love working with hoof care providers and offer excellent support and communication,  and despatch orders quickly.

As the Flex Boot is soft all over, the boots require a balanced trim, and for clients to be able to maintain the hooves in between professional trimmer visits – a touch up is required on a weekly basis.

Flex Boots Australia.jpg

If you’d like to stock Flex Boots, please contact us via email, outlining your experience and provide some examples of your trimming work.


To a certain extent, every trimmer has their own way of trimming, and seeing photos of your work helps us determine if Flex Boots are suitable for the hooves that you trim.


There are no tricky cables, or hook & loop tape which can wear out quickly. Nor is there any thick fabric that holds water. Flex Boots are easy to clean and ready to use straight away.

Easy care


You can make Flex Boots unique to you; they are customisable with interchangeable components, and all parts are replaceable.

Easy to Use

Flex Boots are the easiest boot to put on and take off – no hand strength required! Even kids can manage them easily.

Flex Boots are sleek and lightweight with awesome colours to finish the look. You can choose from four back strap colours and several gaiter colours to make your boots suit your taste.

Great design

These are the most comfortable boots on the market; they are soft and flexible all over, including a cushioned sole. And best of all, no rubbing!


The smart design means great drainage, so wherever you ride, water and mud are not a problem when your horse wears Flex Boots.


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