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The Flex TPU gaiter is attached to the back of the boot shell. They are designed to keep the boots in place and allow for sizing adjustment to ensure the best possible fit for your horse.


The Flex neoprene gaiters attach to the TPU gaiter, to prevent rubbing.

TPU gaiters come as part of the standard Flex Boot set when you purchase a boot, or can be purchased separately as a replacement part. When purchased separately, the TPU gaiter comes with two pre-installed rivets that are used to attach the gaiter to the boot shell.

Flex TPU gaiters are sold individually; to purchase a pair, add two gaiters to your basket.

TPU Gaiters

  • Flex TPU gaiters are available in seven sizes that fit the following boot sizes as standard.

    Flex TPU gaiter


    Fits these Flex Boot


    90 80, 85, 90
    100 95, 100
    110 105, 110
    120 115, 120
    130 125, 130
    140 135, 140
    150 145, 150

    If your horse has unusually thick or thin legs, you may need to size the gaiters up or down respectively to improve the boot fit. Note that this means you will also need to have different size neoprene gaiters.

    Flex Boots can be purchased as custom boots, with larger or smaller size TPU gaiter already attached to the boot shell.

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